The Barn at Easington

Over six weeks in what should have been the dark cold days of winter I lead groups of children in Forest School sessions making creative tasks and welcoming in the early signs of spring.

25th January 2019 “It was cold, it was wet and it was muddy, but this didn’t stop year 4 enjoying the activities at ‘The Barn’.  Our friend Jyl welcomed us with a roaring wood burning fire as she explained to us what we were going to be doing.  Today we were going to be ‘weaving’. We were each given a ‘Y’ stick and a length of twine.  We wrapped the twine between the ‘Y’ of the stick, which made the stick look like a net.  On our walk through the Dene, we collected woodland treasure and weaved it through the twine on our stick. When we got back to ‘The Barn’ we talked about the different treasures we had found.  Our sticks looked amazing. ”

 8th February 2019

Today on Friday Feeling this week, we made wake up sticks with ‘Y’ sticks that we had collected from Hawthorne Dene.  We threaded bottle tops onto a wire, which we had hammered holes in using nails (safely of course). The bottle tops rattled on our stick, to wake up the earth ready for spring.  We used tape, wool and other materials to decorate our sticks.  Once we were all finished, we used our stick to tap on the earth to wake it up ready for Spring.  We really enjoyed this activity!

Whilst on our walk through the Dene we went on a scavenger hunt and stuck our woodland treasures onto our cards.  We really enjoyed looking for something soft, a sign of Spring and we even collected a leaf print. When we got back to ‘The Barn’, we enjoyed hot chocolate and warm toast.  We had the most amazing morning