What makes you shine

The Barn at Easington was commissioned by Shotton Community Centre to work with 8 groups, creating art  to respond to the question: What makes you shine? The project aimed to bring different groups together and showcase local talent as well as core values.

Between January and March  2018 I worked with 4 of the 8 projects                          Our Lady of Lourdes RC primary School                                                                        Shotton Colliery Primary  School                                                                                     Shotton Colliery Art group                                                                                           Womens Cree

Talking to the groups about what makes people light up, we discovered that the most precious treasures are,                                                                                          Family, friends, and community…                                                                                  Love and kindness

Discussions with groups inspired the sparkle and shine of their artworks from silk painted banners to mosaics and treasure boxes of memories.

What Makes You shine? was funded by East Durham Creates Big Ideas Fund.

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