Into the Woods

An Exhibition showing the process and journing the children from Yr 4 Sea Scape Primary School in Peterlee, County Durham took culminating in a series of 4 silk panels.

At The ART BLOCK  Seaham Gallery.

I also exhibited recent and not so recent mosaic work.

‘The children arrived at the Barn in Easington on a bright spring morning in April 2018.We’d had a long winter, with heavy snow just at the beginning of the month. But today felt like the first day of Spring. The woods were full of wild garlic. There were carpets of bluebells and bursts of wild anemones and celandines. I set the children their first task:’

They were to be EXPOLORERS of these woods. They would be offered a range of activities in the form of small achievable tasks such as:                                                  Exploring, Collecting materials and Making woodland art.

These Forest School activities are designed to develop self-awareness with the view to raising the children’s self-esteem. The children were all given field books to work in as we went through the woods.

I led them on a trail through the woods where they would:

  • Notice everything
  • Observe the fine detail of what they’re noticing
  • Experience stillness through listening
  • Creating artwork and note taking.

What did you hear, when you closed your eyes and listened?

“Birds singing.” “The leaves rustling.” “Bees buzzing.” “Noises of the trees above”

“My heart beating fast.”                                                                                                                    

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