Into the Woods

An Exhibition showing the process and journing the children from Yr 4 Sea Scape Primary School in Peterlee, County Durham took culminating in a series of 4 silk panels.

At The ART BLOCK  Seaham Gallery.

“The children arrived at the Barn in Easington on a bright spring morning in April 2018. We’d had a long winter, with heavy snow just at the beginning of the month. But today felt like the first day of Spring. The woods were full of wild garlic. There were carpets of bluebells and bursts of wild anemones and celandines. I set the children their first task:”

They were to be EXPOLORERS of these woods. They were offered a range of activities in the form of small achievable tasks such as:                                                  Exploring, Collecting materials and Making woodland art.

These Forest School activities were designed to develop self-awareness with the view to raising the children’s self-esteem. The children were all given field books to work in as we went through the woods.


What makes you shine

The Barn at Easington was commissioned by Shotton Community Centre to work with community groups, creating art  to respond to the question: What makes you shine? The project aimed to bring different groups together and showcase local talent as well as core values.

Between January and March  2018 

Our Lady of Lourdes RC primary School                                                                        

Shotton Colliery Primary  School                                                              

Shotton Colliery Art group                                                                                          

Womens Cree

Talking to the groups about what makes people light up, we discovered that the most precious treasures are, Family, friends, and community…                                                                                  Love and kindness

Discussions with groups inspired the sparkle and shine of their artworks from silk painted banners to mosaics and treasure boxes of memories.

What Makes You shine? was funded by East Durham Creates Big Ideas Fund.