Early Years

I have a wide experience of nurturing children’s creative opportunities and demonstrating creative approaches especially in early learning.

I draw much of my inspiration from the Reggio Emilia ethos and the approach of educators in Scandinavia.


A lot of the work I do is based in the outdoor environment, which can also mean looking at how to bring the outside, back inside the classroom. I introduce children to a wide range of natural and recycled materials and resources, working with them to support their ideas and interests.


I am interested in engaging children in the challenges and wonders of the natural world, first hand. I like to work on projects that support children’s ideas and interests. Projects that not only provided an opportunity to develop and foster children’s creative learning, but are designed to build their confidence and developed their awareness of risk-taking and understanding of the natural environment.



Since 1999 I have built a strong relationship with Sightlines Initiative and delivered a number of their creative enquiry based projects. (The UK reference for the preschools of Reggio Emilia.


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