Qualifications /Training 

1981-2  Foundation Falmouth Art School

1982-5   BA Hons Fine Art, University of Northumbria

1985    Graduate business training

  • Artist study tours of the Pre Schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy and Danish Forest Schools, Denmark
  • Rites of Passage training – Welfare State International
  • Philosophy for Children training

2010      LEVEL 3 BTEC Forest School leadership Qualification Bridgewater College.

2019      SHINRIN YOKU – (Forest Bathing)Practitioner Training -Nature & Therapy UK

Employment  history

2012 – 2014 Co Director for House of Objects, North Tyneside

1993- 2010   Co Director ISIS ARTS

1987- 1991   Full time designer, maker, project coordinator on schools, hospitals and community projects and the Fish quay festival.                                                                        Freeform Arts Trust, North Tyneside.

1991-1994   Education coordinator and mentor ISIS ARTS

1985 – Princes Trust Grant-

Became self-employed as visual artist.                                                                                                      I hold an Enhanced CRB/ DBI,  and full Public Liability Insurance and Driving license.

I draw much of my inspiration from the Reggio Emilia ethos and the approach of educators in Scandinavia. Whether working in collaboration or by myself I seek to work in a way that is about engaging with this sense of exploration and playfulness.

I’m driven by a love of the natural world; a connection to nature and natural resources and I’m fascinated by the way we collect, arrange, select, explore, create and make things and narratives – real and imagined.

My professional practice has several strands incorporating education, collaborative projects with other artists and with community groups, commissions, and delivering training, all aspects of my work crosses-over into each other.

I work with natural and recycled materials, drawing, collage, textiles, mosaic, clay, film and documentation.

Most current, recent and not so recent but interesting projects…

2019-ongoing Creative Workshops in Libraries

Working with” Art Diamonds” in Gateshead libraries and Durham and Newcastle libraries  projects with the aim of engaging elders past retirement age in creative and cultural activities.


June 2019-2020

Working in partnership with Scotswood Natural Community Garden to deliver an environmental project for Early Years and their families. Early Explorers children will work on exciting, termly creative projects using materials from the garden as inspiration:  A Well Gateshead Newcastle funded project.


Spring 2019                                                                                                                                                               

As part of the 21st Birthday of the Angel of the North I worked with the Year One children of Swalwell School to produce a booklet about their theories and drawing of what angels mean to them. Funded by gateshead Cultural team.

“Angels live on clouds, they smile and be friendly: I once saw an Angle outside my window, I was just about to wake up” Emris age 5

A series of  intimate personal hand made closed hand mosaics using previously  used objects that in themselves represented almost another way of life.


Spring 2019

A series of workshops exploring natural materials with Kelvin Grove Primary school Gateshead.

Throughout 2016-19 I have worked on seasonal creative outdoor workshops with families and schools in collaboration with  the Barn at Easington

2015-2019Invention sheds– ‘Sheducator’

Belsay Primary Just about to start the very last Invention Shed project June 2019

Newburn Primary, : Broadwood Primary,-Newcastle                                                            Marden Middle, Whitley Bay                                                                                                                      Baillio, Jubliee, Whitehouse, Hadrain Park, Amberly – North Tyneside, Primary schools.                                                                                                                                                              Cambois Primary – Northumberland.                                                                                                      Hilton Primary Academy, Cruddas Park Early Years Centre-Newcastle.                  

 An Invention Shed is a custom designed shed, installed on a school site to act as a mini The House of Objects, and creative workshop space. Invention Sheds bring the House of Objects approach, expertise and materials to a school. The project aims to enhance primary school teaching in innovation, STEM, creativity and critical thinking. The ‘Sheducator’ works closely with school staff, training them to use the shed facilities and develop their confidence in running open ended creative projects

2010- 2018 House Of Objects                                                                                                                            I was involved in the set up and development of the House of objects. Now a CIC ‘House of Objects’ inspired by the strong UK tradition of scrap stores as well as the Italian ‘Remida Centres’ uses its extensive facilities to inspire environmental awareness. I now work on many of their projects as a creative enabler supporting children’s learning using recycled objects and open-ended materials and am one of their ‘Sheducatiors’.                                                                                                                              Discovery Museum Sessional worker for  PLAY + INVENT space.

June-July 2018                                                                                                                    Commission for a series of ten banners for the Hexham Showcase Launch as part of  Great Northumberland 2018 with Walk the plank.

May  Exhibition showcasing  the creative process of a series of workshops at Hawthorne Dene and culminating in 4  silk paintings for an Exhibition at The Art Block, Seaham.  With Yr 5 children from Sea Scape Primary School Peterlee.

 January -March

What Makes You Shine?  Community art workshops and Exhibition in collaboration with the Barn at Easington.   Shotten Colliery, as part of East Durham Creates: Big Ideas programme.

Autumn 2017 Scotswood Community Garden, Newcastle.          Sessional creative   youth worker ongoing.

Houghton Feast Lantern procession.

2012 -17Resident artist / Forest School leader  (2 days a week)                     

Hilton Primary Academy Newcastle upon Tyne. Groups of Y1 children participated in one ‘Forest School’ session per week in woods, with a follow up creative sessions back at school; making films, blogs and books, following their emerging interests as the project unfolds.



 Swalwell Primary, Gateshead.

Creative Forest school sessions throughout the whole school from September 2015-April 2017.

June 2015 Mosaic commissions working with Yr 5 & 6 pupils.

July 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17,18  and 2019 WOMAD Festival                                            

Children’s carnival and workshops. Quirky Quinns.


2016 Commission artwork for Whitley Bay Carnival poster-the BIG Local.

2013 & 14 Art Houses exhibitor Whitley Bay.

2012-2013 ‘Heritage in the Early Years’                                                                     Project involving 90 very young children and their families who participated in guided visits around Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland (National Trust) and
learned about its vibrant past. After the visits we then helped them create a ‘Children’s guide’ to the hall, telling the story from their perspective, using stories, drawings, and photographs. The children’s Interpretation panels and guide forms part of the official Delaval experience. Ivy Road Primary & Holywell First Schools. A Sightlines Initiative project, funded by the Heritage lottery Fund.

2010-2014 ‘Early Learning in Nature’                                                                  Working  over the year, each year, with groups of children and their educators regularly visiting and becoming familiar with their very own “wild place”, engaging in exciting, imaginative and elemental learning. The project was designed to give children with limited access to natural environments sustained opportunities for engaging with nature. It provided a sound basis for respect, understanding and stewardship of the natural world, as well as a rich resource for social and cognitive growth.

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 19.34.04

Ivy Road, Battle Hill, Emmerville Primary & Hilton Primary Academy schools.  I also contributed to the book “Learning to Learn in Nature.” Bringing together the outcome of the work over the four years on the Early Learning in Nature project to a wider audience.

A sightline Initiative project.


EARLY YEARS                                                                                                                    

Since my visit to Reggio Emila in 2000, I have built a strong working relationship with Sightlines Initiative and delivered a number of their creative enquiry based projects. (The UK reference for the preschools of Reggio Emilia since 1999.)

The Creative Foundation projects  1999-04 –The Creative Foundation comprised a core group of eight early childhood projects working in relationship with artists and with each other over three years, forming a close-knit practice and research group. The project culminated with the production of The ‘Experiments and Encounters’ exhibit: a celebratory display of young children’s creative potential visualized through photographs, painting, drawing, collage and video with explanatory scripts and panels.

2000 -09 ‘Woodland Kids’– A project in partnership with Redesdale Primary School & the Rising Sun Country Park. (from 2003 the project was funded by other sources.)

2007 Supporting staff in their development of reflective and creative practice: Monkchester Rd Nursery- Newcastle.

The Creative Thinking in Action Project 2003 The aim of this  week project was to support the development of children’s creative thinking.                                         Reception class Fincale Primary School County Durham.

2004 ‘Floor Four’ A 4 week project where Sightlines Initiative transformed the Great Hall of the Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne into an exciting, learning exploratorium for young children and their educators. Working as artist enabler to create the creative spaces and work closely with educators and children to demonstrate creative approaches to learning and teaching. The project served the local area and was funded by Surestart

2005 ‘The city Sense’ Working across several Newcastle Nursery settings looking at how young children inhabit and ‘see’ their environments. A Sightlines Initiative and Northern Architecture project

000_4840Other Early Years projects:

2014    Outdoor artist facilitator Bolden Nursery school

2013     Forest school Leader Benedict Biscop Sunderland- Nursery &                                      Reception Classes

2010     Family Learning in Partnership Project, engaging families in creating with natural materials together with their children: Seaton Delaval First School Northumberland

2008-9 Artist in Residence for Cruddas Park Early Years Excellent Center Newcastle

2000 Ceramic Artist Residency Horden Nursery – Peterlee, EAZ,

2007 -2009 ‘Environment of Learning’- Co-delivered with Nicola Balfour. Work developed and delivered through Creative Partnerships. Exploring and refining creative practice within Early Years settings, inspired and informed by national & international models. Working across 20 schools in North & South Tyneside.

I have delivered training workshops, creative consultation and have presented and attended various seminars, conferences and professional development days specifically within the Early Years.

Schools: 2005-2011

  • Creative Agent for Creative Partnership in eight schools throughout the North East.
  • Malvins Close First School, Northumberland.
  • Seaton Delaval first School Northumberland
  • St Catherine’s RC Primary Newcastle
  • Moor Edge Primary, North Tyneside
  • Rockcliffe First School, Whitley Bay
  • Redesdale Primary School, Wallsend
  • Whitehouse Primary School, North Shields
  • Stephenson Memorial Primary Howden
  • 2006-2011 Artist for Enquiry and Change, Creative Partnership projects.
  • 2011 Workshops encouraging staff and children to take risks exploring new materials and resources – Morpeth First School Foundation Stage
  • 2010-11 Artist in residence’ working with KS2 children and staff on creating a skills based creative curriculum – Stobhillgate Primary school, Northumberland.
  • 2010 Creating a book ‘Lillie’s Journey’ the story which unfolds through images and words was developed by Yr3 children from Redesdale primary school recapturing their imaginative experiences at the rising sun on the woodland kids project back in 2006. I then was commissioned to capture these stories through large wooden cutouts, which were erected in the school grounds.
  • Shadow puppet workshops-St Oswalds RC School Gosforth
  • Supporting the Nursery children’s interests through a number of practical workshops – Hadrain Park Primary South Shields.
  • 2009 ‘Making Links’ Working within two schools linking their outside environments, visually, temporary & experimentally –
  • Collingwood Special & Stobhillgate Primary school, Northumberland.
  • Series of mosaic stepping stones – Hadrain Park Primary South Shields.
  •  2008 Supporting the children’s interests through a number of practical workshops Gosforth Park Primary, Goathlands Primary, Newcastle, St Bernadette RC Primary.
  • Creative response to a visit to Belsay Hall reporting on their findings, through a collation of ideas, plans, and drawings cumulating in the creation of imaginative worlds and shadow plays-Bead Burn Primary Jarrow S Tyneside.
  •  2006 ‘Lost in Landscape’: A collaborative project about embracing the landscape and getting ‘lost’; a journey with children, teachers and artists, to woods and beaches expressed through a series of multi media events.                                            Malvins Close First School Northumberland.

Other School projects

  • 2007 A ‘Creative Action Research Awards project (CARA): ‘How can we have a creative learning community’. Pupils created their own shrines in small boxes and on banners transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Westerhope Primary, Newcastle:
  • 2005 A CARA project- Looking at how artists and teachers can work together to use Thinking skills strategies to help pupils explain, elucidate and evaluate their creative endeavours.                                                                                                                                  West End First , Bedlington, Northumberland.
  • 2004 ‘Home’ ISIS Arts: Supporting artist, working with lead artist Farhad Ahrarnia producing a series of dolls houses whilst engaging children about their with ideas of home and identity.                                                                                                                                Berwick Middle, Middlesbrough Primary and Battle Hill Primary.

Mosaics in schools and Community centres 

  • 2015 Swalwell Primary. entrance mosaic.
  • 2013 Farne Primary School N’cle. Dare to Enquire.
  • Benedict Biscop Primary Sunderland. Entrance mosaic.
  • Western primary, Wallsend. Identity panel (using recycled materials)
  • Brighton Ave Gateshead. Wall mosaic.
  • 2011 Biddick Hall Community centre. Wall mosaic
  • Stobhillgate First Morpeth. Courtyard mosaic.
  • 2009 Houghton Community Nursery. Mosaic commission for garden
  • 2007 Whitehouse Primary North Shields. Mosaic School Logo
  • 2006  Redesdale Primary, Wallsend.Mosaic School logo
  • Hazelwood Primary North Tyneside.Mosaic stepping stones
  • 2004 Sure Start, Wallsend N, Tyneside
  • Burnside First Cramlington Northumberland
  • Bailygreen Primary Killingworth NT
  • 2003 Marden Bridge Middle school, Whitley Bay.
  • Pupil Referral Unit, Hepscott Park, Northumberland.
  • Hareside First, Cramlington, Northumberland.
  • St Aidens Junior, Gateshead.
  • Beacon, Community Centre, Falmouth, Cornwall.
  • White Swan Centre, Killingworth NT
  • 2002 Beacon Junior , Falmouth, Cornwall.
  • Nursery School, Easington. Commission.
  • 2001 Richard Coates Middle School, Ponteland
  • Caedman Primary, Gateshead
  • Ovingham First, Northumberland
  • Burradon First, North Tyneside
  • Southridge First, Whitley Bay.
  • Red Row, Millennium Green, Northumberland.
  • South Shields, Library
  • 2000 Star of the sea, Primary, Whitley Bay,
  • South Hylton, Primary, Sunderland.
  • Bede Burn, Primary Jarrow .
  • Tyne Bikes Millennium project, Seaton Burn.
  • Rising Sun Countryside Park, North Tyneside.
  • Enterprise 5 housing association, Hebburn.
  • 1999 Rockcliffe First, Whitley Bay.
  • St Columbus RC Wallsend.
  • ‘Speech after Stroke club’, Nomad housing S.Shields.
  • 1998   Kingsway First, Blyth
  • 1996   Tynemouth Station.
  • 1995 Witherwack Primary, Sunderland.
  • 1994 Carley Hill Primary, Sunderland.
  • 1992 King Edwards , Meadowell, Goathlands, Primary’s
  • Corpus Christi Primary, Gateshead.

While most of the mosaics I do are school and community based, including hospitals.     I do undertake private commissions and have exhibited in galleries.


  • 2011 Waterville Primary- Painted and planting seascape project
  • 2010     Six Newcastle schools
-Aspect Games -set of silk banners
  • 2006 New Delaval First, Blyth – silk banners
  • Jubliee Primary, Wallsend silk banners
  • 2005 St Roberts, Morpeth – silk banners
  • 2003 Hareside First Cramlington- mural & banners.
  • 1997 Corbridge First, Northumberland – banners.
  • 2002 Stobhillgate First, Morpeth – banners
  • 2000 Malvins Close First, Blyth -interior mural.
  • 1999 Hebburn South Tyneside – play features
  • 1998 St.Wilfred RC Gateshead – interior mural.
  • 1995 Walkergate Infants, Newcastle -interior mural.
  • Rockcliffe First, Whitley Bay – exterior mural.
  • Shiremoor First – playground feature.
  • 1994 Carley Hill primary, Sunderland – exterior mural.
  • 1994 St Anthony’s Nursery, Newcastle – exterior murals.


Carnival workshops: Site decoration: Posters

  • Womad Festival. Childrens parade.
  • Ashington Miners Picnic- banners.
  • Morpeth Gathering- pageant and banners
  • Tall Ships -pageant and site banners
  • First Wave Festival – flags & banners.
  • Fish Quay Festival –pageant, site decoration, merchandise and posters
  • Dodgy Clutch Company – back drops, floor cloths
  • Buddle Arts Center -Signage

I have also designed logos and posters for festivals, theatre companies, arts centres and illustrated for Iron Magazine.

From 1995-2003 I Co-ran a voluntary ‘After schools club’ at Rockcliffe First School, Whitley Bay, (my then two daughters school). We explored various arts, collaborating with poets, dancers, gardeners & musicians. We secured an allotment & went on to explore various projects with an environmental impact, winning ‘A Green Fingers’ award in 1999.


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